VOLUME 4   ISSUE 29   JULY 31, 2015


By Bruce Jervis


Copyright protection for architectural works is a relatively new concept. In 1990, Congress expanded the federal copyright statutes to include “the design of a building as embodied in any tangible medium of expression.” The law expressly covers “the overall form as well as the arrangement and composition of spaces and elements in the design.” However, the law expressly excludes from protection “individual standard features.”  Read more.


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Impaired access to a job site can be a source of delay, disruption, decreased productivity and increased expense. In many cases, however, these problems should have been anticipated prior to bid submittal, allowing the contractor to plan for the mitigation of the impact and account for the cost.


Pre-Bid Site Inspection

A thorough familiarity with the physical site is essential. A prospective bidder should take advantage of every opportunity afforded by the project owner to observe the site and draw reasonable inferences regarding the impact of the physical conditions on the intended method and sequence of construction. This includes, of course, roads, rights-of-way and other means of access not within the work area itself, as well as utility lines and other potential obstructions. Read more.





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