VOLUME 4   ISSUE 30   AUGUST 07, 2015


By Bruce Jervis


Contractor recovery for the cumulative impact of multiple delays has always been controversial. It seems logical that repeated delays affect productivity and increase costs. But it is difficult to quantify. And, of course, there are questions of causation or responsibility for the various delays.


Adding to the complexity of cumulative impact claims are contract clauses requiring prompt written notice of changed or delayed work, along with quantification of increased costs. Cumulative impact costs cannot be calculated until the end of the project. Contract clauses mandating quantification shortly after the claim “event” effectively bar recovery for cumulative impact. Read more.


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The daily report, a document summarizing job conditions and work performed each day, is the single most important document concerning a construction project. It not only serves as a record of work, the daily report helps the author think about the day's work and aids in planning for the next day. It also serves as a communications device between the field and the office. Finally, it provides supporting data for settling changes orders, claims and disputes. If kept in a complete, detailed and trustworthy fashion, for the purpose of running a business and not for the purpose of litigation, it will become evidence, sometimes without testimony (more on this below). Read more.





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