VOLUME 4   ISSUE 31   AUGUST 14, 2015


By Bruce Jervis


Prevailing wage statutes go back to the Great Depression era. The federal model, of course, is the Davis-Bacon Act. These laws, at the federal, state and local levels, create a mechanism for establishing minimum wage rates and fringe benefits for the various trade and labor categories on a particular public works project.


Prevailing wage laws have long been criticized as a tool of the labor unions. Too often, say critics, the “prevailing” wages are the same as those negotiated in collective bargaining agreements. This nullifies any competitive advantage of non-union contractors and inflates labor costs on public projects. Read more.


Featured …


Last week we introduced the importance of the daily report on a construction project.  Primarily, the daily report becomes part of the official record of the project documenting what happens on the job from day-to-day and serves as a reference for settling of claims and disputes.  In today's article, we look at deficiencies commonly found on a daily report, the application of electronic aids in the daily report process, and, some actual examples of reports used by several public agencies. Read more.





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