VOLUME 4   ISSUE 34   SEPTEMBER 04, 2015


By Bruce Jervis


Prime contractors have cause for concern that their subcontractors are paying lower-tier subcontractors and suppliers. Unpaid parties at the bottom of the chain can create a multitude of problems, including mechanic’s liens, payment bond claims and risk of double payment by the contractor. But, in the absence of a statutory mandate, should contractors have a duty to protect the payment rights of lower-tier parties?  Read more.


Featured …


Last week, we noted the existence of a number of useful blogs devoted to construction.  Starting this week, we will report highlights from the blogs that may be of interest to our readers.

  • Self-healing concrete
  • Construction spending up 13.7% in July over last year
  • ABC reports a rise in nonresidential construction spending
  • Top trends shaping the future of construction firms 

Read more.


Last week, the FAA released into beta testing a smartphone app intended to promote safe flying of drones and compliance with restrictions. Called B4UFLY (“before you fly”), the app uses the location services feature of a user’s smartphone to check for proximity to airports, temporary flight restrictions, current law and other FAA guidance and procedures, then gives the user a clear status to fly.  Other features include a planner mode for future flights in different locations, and links to other FAA UAS resources and regulatory information. Read more.





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