VOLUME 4   ISSUE 36   SEPTEMBER 18, 2015


By Bruce Jervis


Termination for convenience clauses are controversial in large part because they are unilateral. The project owner has reserved the right to terminate the contract without cause and to compensate the contractor only as stipulated in the termination clause. The owner acts at its sole discretion. The contractor has no leverage. This leads to contractor allegations of bad faith and self-serving motivation on the part of the owner.  Read more.


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Wednesday night’s CBS News with Scott Pelley featured a two-minute video on the 2nd Avenue subway project in New York City. Watching the episode carefully, one might guess that most of the video was shot with a drone. Indeed, at 1:07 minutes into the video, a DJI Inspire drone is seen flying over the track invert. Sure enough, a google search turned up an online article and video from the CBS This Morning newscast, from which the evening news story was based upon. Read more.


This week's blog highlights from across the industry looks at:

  • Singapore transit system
  • Marketing
  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Infrastructure news
    Read more.


While researching this week's blog on the Singapore transit system, it was fascinating to learn about developments in trackwork construction equipment.  We found two rail train equipment systems that can install ties, ballast, tie plates, rail clips and rail in a continuous automated process.  Plasser & Theurer of Sweden has one rig for laying new track and a second rig for re-laying existing track. US-based international conglomerate Harsco Rail, known for its HY-RAIL® vehicle attachments, also has a track laying system.






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