VOLUME 4   ISSUE 37   SEPTEMBER 25, 2015


By Bruce Jervis


Many state and federal statutes pertaining to the construction process include provisions shifting responsibility for paying attorney fees. The “prevailing party” has its fees paid by the opposing party. These provisions are found in statutes such as mechanics’ lien laws, prompt payment acts, the federal Equal Access to Justice Act, and others. Read more.


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This week's blog highlights from across the industry looks at:

  • Social media in construction - useful tools and data
  • Constructorator library plus four tips to advance your career
  • Immigration downturn and construction-worker shortage
  • CivilBlog covers a lot of ground, plus two articles on brick and masonry

          Read more.


While we don’t foresee rope bridges as the wave of the future, there are a number of practical applications for a drone to assist in construction.  Spanning a canyon, a pair of piers, or any other inaccessible points, a drone can fly the lead end of a nylon string that will later be used to pull heavier cables. Where the piers are accessible, getting a rope across is a simple matter by merely carrying it atop both endpoints. However, getting across canyons or rivers or an active highway might be a different matter. Additionally, small drones could carry pull wire through ducts, shafts and cavities in a structure. Your comments are invited.






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