VOLUME 4   ISSUE 40   OCTOBER 16, 2015


By Bruce Jervis


It is not surprising that construction contracts use trade terminology to describe the work to be performed. While not in general use, these terms are parlance within the industry and are a shorthand method of describing work. They are believed to be universally understood within a trade. But are they?  Read more.


Featured …


This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:

  • Retirement of legacy construction software
  • Crackdown on worker misclassification
  • Getting started with BIM for contractors
  • Green building leading construction spending and job growth

          Read more.


Surprisingly, this product, under development and looking for investors, looks feasible.  Operating like a tower crane in the center of the structure, the device raises itself for each pass, laying down a mix fed by a concrete truck.  Click here to watch the video and let us know what you think!






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