VOLUME 4   ISSUE 41   OCTOBER 23, 2015


By Bruce Jervis


Prime contractors enjoy a lot of leverage when awarding subcontracts. One way they utilize this advantage is to specify the forum and governing law for any claim or dispute under the subcontract. Although the project and the subcontractor may be located in one state, the subcontract may require litigation in the prime contractor’s home state. This is costly and inconvenient for the sub. And, the governing law may be less favorable. Read more.




This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:

  • Design-build teamwork
  • Employee retention
  • Construction crowdfunding
  • Drone news and drone risks
  • Lean construction practices

          Read more.


Caterpillar employs augmented reality to equipment inspection and maintenance.  Using special goggles with built-in display, the goggles are used to show the locations of components atop the machine in the technician's field of vision. The application also shows types of wear to look for and other guidance. Click here to see a video demonstration of how the system works and let us know what you think.






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