VOLUME 4   ISSUE 44   NOVEMBER 13, 2015


By Bruce Jervis


On a public works contract, a “sovereign act” is the ultimate government defense to a contractor claim for additional compensation. A sovereign act occurs when the public project owner, the government agency, establishes a policy that is public and general in nature. The government is acting in the interest of public health or safety. The act is not directed at a particular contractor and not intended to nullify rights under a particular contract. And, a sovereign act does not provide economic advantage to the government under a contract. Read more.





This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • AGC Seeks Member Feedback on Business Outlook Survey
  • Stackable Building Design Takes Top Prize in Architecture Competition
  • Mobile Device Management Made Easier
  • OSHA Identifies Top Four Causes of Work Site Accidents

          Read more.


Tasked with building a new cable car atop Germany's highest peak, this construction crew, aided by a serious helicopter, erected this tower crane under breathtaking conditions.  Watch the video to see the challenges this erection crew tackled along with a time-lapse sequence of the complete crane erection here.





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