VOLUME 4   ISSUE 47   DECEMBER 04, 2015


By Bruce Jervis


For the second time in recent months, there has been a reported decision addressing the question of what is – and is not – “new” equipment. The first decision involved HVAC equipment to be installed in a project. A federal appeals court opinion now considers whether an equipment lessor met its obligation to furnish a new machine. Read more.


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Construction Schedules: Intended Purpose vs. Perceived Risks
The intended purpose of a schedule on a construction project is to help ensure that all activities necessary to complete the work in accordance with contract documents are properly planned, staffed, coordinated and executed in an orderly and expeditious manner. Schedules not only assist in compelling the proper coordination of the work, but they also contribute to the owner's decision making with respect to the evaluation of the contractor's payment applications and proposed changes to the contract.


There is, however, a perceived risk involved with owners requiring contractors to submit schedules and reviewing and accepting them. The risk, of course, is that the owner accepts a schedule and agrees to something that is later used as the basis of a claim. However, the downside risk of not requiring construction schedules is that the project plan is not communicated and the owner is left with no way to effectively measure progress, check on coordination or verify the timing of its own responsibilities required to complete the work.  Read more.


This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:

  • Dry Ice Blasting: A New Kind of Clean?
  • Report Shows Monday Morning Is Most Hazardous Time for Laborers
  • How to Climb the Construction Ladder
  • Industry Report Shows Jobsite Technology on the Rise

          Read more.


 The Indiana Department of Transportation has set up an information website for the construction of the Downtown Crossing bridge project across the Ohio River.  The website has a page with 24 live webcams with different vantage points of the project. Each webcam also has a timelapse feature to view progress from the beginning. A separate website has been set up for the East End Crossing connecting Utica, IN to Prospect, KY.


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