VOLUME 5   ISSUE 5   FEBRUARY 05, 2016


By Bruce Jervis


Construction contracts commonly require contractor submittals, which must be approved by the project owner before work can commence. The subjects range from planned schedule to environmental protection, equipment specifications to safety plan, quality control to traffic control. The contract treats owner approval as a precondition to performance. In practice, however, it frequently is not. Read more.


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The results of ConstructionPro Network's second annual Drones in Construction survey report have been released.  The first survey, conducted in the summer of 2014, was a short four-part questionnaire to obtain the industry’s pulse as drones were just beginning to be used on construction sites.  Surprisingly, 73% of respondents said they were aware of drone use on construction sites, while 29% reported having hands-on experience. 


The leading uses reported were aerial photography, inspection, safety monitoring and surveying.  The number of respondents aware of drones in the 2015 survey jumped to 88%.  Leading use cases were similar, but the 2015 survey was expanded to 10 questions to gather more detail on how they were used, what drones were flown, what cameras were used and to learn best practices based on user experiences.  Read more...





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