VOLUME 5   ISSUE 11   MARCH 18, 2016


By Bruce Jervis


A public project owner has the right to issue unilateral directives under the contract. While a contractor is obligated to follow a directive, the contractor has the right – under the dispute procedures of the contract – to pursue a claim for additional compensation. But what happens when a unilateral directive includes waiver and release language? Read more.


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Have you encountered or used building information modeling (BIM) on any of your projects? Have you considered its use but backed off? Are you interested in BIM but don't know where to begin?


BIM seems to be highly regarded by those who have made the transition. Owners cite facility management benefits in addition to lower costs. Contractors are finding benefits in improved coordination and scheduling with less claims and change orders. Architects and engineers find BIM allows projects to be completed faster while making it easier to make design changes. But BIM may not be suited for all projects, or all construction professionals. We here at ConstructionPro Network are interested in your feedback, no matter where you are on the BIM scale. Please take a few minutes to complete our second annual BIM Experience survey.


By Paul Levin, Publisher


On a flight to Colorado last week I had the luxury of several hours to read and found myself with the February 28 copy of The New York Times Magazine, which contained several articles on productivity and the work place.  The first of these, Group Study by Charles Duhigg, reported on studies that tried to identify why some teams thrive and others fail.  This was of particular interest to me, since construction is all about the project team.  An extension of this thought might be if the team fails, so does the project.  Or the corollary of this should be that if the project team thrives, the more likely the project will be a success.  Let's look at the research and see if there's a lesson in this for the construction industry.  Read more.


With the number of FAA 333 Exemptions for commercial use of drones about to hit 4,000, the FAA has released a list of more than 1,100 pre-approved drone makes and models, an apparent first step in easing the ability to get an exemption. This will relieve the petitioner of the need to submit supporting documentation on the capability and features of the specific drone if it is already on the list.  Read more for complete list...






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