VOLUME 5   ISSUE 14   APRIL 08, 2016


By Bruce Jervis


When a contractor seeks recovery of unabsorbed home office overhead incurred because of a project owner’s suspension of work, the contractor uses the “Eichleay formula.” This calculates the amount of a contractor’s ongoing general and administrative expenses a suspended fixed-price contract would have absorbed on a daily basis if performed according to the original schedule. The contractor is then compensated for unabsorbed expenses incurred when it was unable to perform or bill work. Read more.


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This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:

  • Reducing Risk on Building Enclosure Construction -- Include Mockups
  • Develop a Bond Evaluation Program to Avoid Fraudulent Bonds
  • Construction Project Blog Sites -- the Thomson Line Dilemma
  • Are Rose Bowl Tickets to Public Officials Considered Free Speech?



For research purposes, Bentley recently posted an example of combining video from a drone with a BIM model to show how the technique can be used for monitoring construction. The resulting photos can be used to compare actual construction with what was intended in the model, according to the author Stephane Cote. We see this as a good planning tool. Read more..






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