VOLUME 5   ISSUE 20   MAY 20, 2016


 By Bruce Jervis


If a project owner wants to terminate a contractor for default, or a contractor wants to terminate a subcontractor, the applicable contract documents usually stipulate a procedure. The process described in the termination clause is not a suggestion. It is mandatory and creates rights for the party being terminated. Ironically, the failure to follow the process can make the terminating party the one in breach of contract. Read more.


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This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • In Just 10 Short Years - Millennials Will Comprise the Majority of the Workforce
  • Labor Shortage Is a Major Problem in the Face of Rising Construction Spending
  • Tips for Attracting Millennials into Construction




Here’s a good video of contemporary methods of road, wall and sidewalk construction. Ample use of modern heavy equipment and robotics are demonstrated. This editor viewed some very interesting techniques not previously aware of.    Read more...






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