VOLUME 5   ISSUE 21   MAY 27, 2016


By Bruce Jervis

Unit-priced contracting offers advantages on certain types of construction projects. Where there is a significant, but uncertain, quantity of identical or repetitive work items, the project owner will pay only for the actual quantity of work performed. Read more.


Featured …


This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • Indoor GPS on the Construction Site

  • 4D Scheduling Ramping Up
  • IRS Luxury Car Depreciation Limitations – Consider an Upscale Pickup Truck




Do you remember the first few weeks of your first construction job? You had to learn what tasks you were supposed to do along with a complete new set of skills. Then there's the unique construction lingo and communications methods on a construction site.  This short clips captures the first days on the job of a budding carpenter helping to frame houses.  Read more...



Earlier this month, OSHA fined two Pennsylvania contractors more than $236K for exposing employees to serious workplace dangers. The cited infractions were all fall-protection issues, one of the Focus Four areas identified by OSHA as the leading causes of deaths on construction projects.  Read more... 





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