VOLUME 5   ISSUE 24   JUNE 17, 2016


By Bruce Jervis


Public works payment bond statutes require prime contractors to furnish payment bonds for the protection of parties that provide labor or materials to the project. For subcontractors and suppliers, which are unable to lien public property, these bonds are the only effective form of payment assurance. Read more.


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This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • 31 Tech Startups Attacking the Construction Industry

  • Tips for Managing and Sticking to Your Project’s Budget

  • UK Suffering from Worker Scarcity Too

  • Apple Spaceship Features 'Breathing' Concrete, Unique Glass Panels & More



Apple is making progress on its new spaceship campus, with project completion in 2017.  Here's the latest video, including the shots of the underground auditorium, parking garage and support buildings.    Read more...






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