VOLUME 5   ISSUE 30   AUGUST 05, 2016


By Bruce Jervis


Is it legally actionable when one construction company talks trash about another? Where does one draw the line between the scrappy competition of the marketplace and a violation of a competitor’s rights? This issue was recently presented to the Utah Supreme Court. Read more.


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This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • New Small Business Mentor-Protégé Program Announced by SBA

  • Mentoring in Construction

  • Running Job Sites Like an Assembly Line

  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Air Compressor



As reported here in June, the FAA has issued its Part 107 rules for commercial use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drones. Instructions for obtaining a Part 107 pilot license are now posted at the FAA website here.  The first step to qualify to apply for the license is taking an initial aeronautical knowledge exam at an FAA-approved knowledge testing center, typically located near an airport.  Next is completing an online application -- Form 8710-13 for a remote pilot certificate (FAA Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application). 


Meanwhile, ConstructionPro Network has been tracking the progress of the FAA 333 exemptions since December 2014. It appears the pace of exemptions granted since our last post on April 27 has slowed down.  Read more...


If you haven't yet checked it out but have an interest in getting some aerial photos or videos of your construction project, visit the Drone Services and Equipment Directory at the ConstructionPro Network website today. 


The directory is intended to assist those looking for vendors who specifically work with construction, transportation, utility, real estate and related industries. Customers can quickly find FAA333 exemption holders serving their states. Customers may further narrow their search for specific services, such as surveying, mapping (LIDAR, photogrammetry), FLIR/infrared capability, data collection for BIM, environmental monitoring, and, of course, aerial photography.  Vendors with Part 107 remote pilot certifications will be added to the directory once the FAA starts implementation of the program, expected the end of August.  Read more.


Equipment World posted this drone video of the Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project.  We expected more in-tunnel footage, but it does provide a some perspective and an overview of the project.  Read more.






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