VOLUME 5   ISSUE 31   AUGUST 12, 2016


By Bruce Jervis


When a contractor is preparing to submit a binding bid on a contract, the contractor is necessarily reliant on the price quotations it receives from prospective subcontractors and suppliers. It is impossible to price a bid without incorporating the cost of parties furnishing labor and materials to the project. Unfortunately, many of the subcontractor quotations contain terms and conditions inconsistent with the contractor’s preferred subcontract terms. Read more.


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By Stephen Hess, Esq.


Believe it or not, a construction contract with scores of provisions that runs dozens of pages does not actually define the entire legal relationship between the parties, regardless of how thorough the contract may seem or how much time and expense they invested in its drafting. Instead, courts and legislatures have always found it necessary to tinker with negotiated agreements. In some cases, this insulation into the contracting process takes the form of prohibitions on the use of particular types of contract clauses. In other cases, courts find that the very nature of the parties’ relationship “implies” obligations that are just as enforceable as if they had been written out in the contract itself. Read more.


This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • Construction Labor Woes - Addressing the Issues

  • 16 Marketing Lessons Learned for Professional Services

  • Lien Rights and Waivers



ABC News, San Francisco is the source of a one-minute timelapse video of Olympic construction.  Although short and sweet, it gives a quick sense of what kind of facilities are needed to pull off the event.  Read more...







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