VOLUME 5   ISSUE 32   AUGUST 19, 2016


By Bruce Jervis


Parties to a dispute, under the so-called “American rule,” each pay for their own legal counsel. In some circumstances, however, this rule has been modified by statute, allowing the “prevailing party” to recover its reasonable attorney fees from its opponent. This is the case, in most states, for successful mechanic’s lien claimants. Read more.




This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • Job Order Contracting Performance Study

  • Augmented Reality Proving Its Value for Contractors

  • Wearables on the Jobsite to Bolster Safety, Productivity and Data-Driven Decisions



Augmented reality (AR) is the topic of two of our blog posts this week, so let's go to the video for a demonstration of an AR application in use.  While this is a sales pitch for a particular product it does provide an idea of how AR may be put to use. Read more.


For more information and the source of the video, read the article by Mike Lander's at the Bluebeam website here.





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