VOLUME 5   ISSUE 35   SEPTEMBER 09, 2016


This past May the Construction Claims Advisor summarized a Washington Court of Appeals case against an engineer for faulty design and a contractor for faulty construction.  Although no damage, or economic loss occurred, the building was subject to failure from seismic activity, and thus posed a safety risk.  The Home Owner's Association successfully sued to recover all costs for the necessary repairs.  Read more.


By Paul Levin, PSP


In last week's issue I penned an article about schedules, trying to make the point that there are schedules that may not conform to best practices but still serve the purpose of helping a contractor to effectively plan and manage a project. While some people might call non-conforming schedules "bad," I would prefer to consider them as useful but still have room for improvement. AACE President and Navigant Consulting Managing Director John Livengood posted a comment... Read more


This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • 5 Ways to Brand Your Construction Company

  • Mark Buckshon on Construction Marketing

  • Georgia Construction Boom Running Up Against Labor Shortages



Today is the day you can pre-order your new iPhone 7.  What's not ready to launch is the new Apple campus, still under construction. Progress is being made, to be sure. Read more.






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