VOLUME 5   ISSUE 41   OCTOBER 21, 2016


By Paul Levin, PSP


Open-Ends vs. Open-Starts/Open-Finishes


Most construction professionals understand "open-ends" in the context of a critical path method (CPM) schedule. Open-ends are activities that have either no predecessors or no successors. Ideally, a schedule has only two such activities on a project - a start milestone which does not have a predecessor, and a finish milestone that does not have a successor. Additional open-ends may find their way into a schedule by the way of interim milestones and/or simply a failure to add a finish activity. For example, Microsoft Project will not allow a single pair of activities to have both a start-to-start relationship and a finish-to-finish relationship, not an uncommon situation encountered in Oracle Primavera and other CPM programs. This may lead the scheduler to simply not put a successor on one of the two activities. Read more.


This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


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Early last week, an effort to bring down a 93-year old bridge didn't quite meet with success.  The charges went off but the bridge failed to fall. Read more.






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