VOLUME 5   ISSUE 42   OCTOBER 28, 2016


Acceleration is experienced on a construction project when a contractor either wants to finish early, or, more often, to recover lost time due to delays on the project. There are three types of acceleration that can occur: a) voluntary, b) directed, and c) constructive.


Voluntary acceleration is where a contractor makes schedule changes and/or expends additional resources at its own initiative. Directed, or ordered, acceleration occurs when the owner explicitly instructs the contractor to accelerate the work. Constructive acceleration occurs when the contractor is forced to attempt to achieve a completion date that is earlier than what should be required under the contract because the owner did not timely grant an extension for excusable delay. Constructive acceleration arises when the owner causes the contractor to accelerate not by an express direction but implicitly through the owner’s actions, typically failure to grant a time extension that the contractor would otherwise be entitled to. ... Read more.


This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • Careers in Construction Roadmap

  • Catching Up with the Civil Blog

  • OSHA's New Injury and Illness Reporting Rule



Talk about a lot of cranes!  This fascinating time-lapse video of construction of the new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons shows assembly of the stadium plus the 17,000 tons of steel put in place for the retractable roof structure.   If you watched carefully, you would have noticed several lattice columns being erected that at first looked like tower crane supports. Read more.






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