VOLUME 6   ISSUE 1   JANUARY 06, 2017


Use of drones in construction is expected to increase in 2017 with passage of the FAA Part 107 rule governing use of drones for commercial purposes.  Part 107 provides that the operator must have a remote pilot license, a special new category that requires a written test only demonstrating some aviation knowledge as well as the safe operation of remote-controlled aircraft.  It is no longer necessary to have a pilot license as in the prior regulation called the 333 Exemption.  


While surveying, job progress tracking and marketing are some of the obvious uses, savvy architects and engineers are finding uses for drones in the design stage.  Read more.


This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • 10 Construction Industry Trends to Watch in 2017

  • Descriptive Job Roles Drive Better Project Performance

  • Optimizing Tall Building Systems



Equipment World reported on the top 10 construction videos of 2016 last week, including this time lapse clip that shows a 230 foot long prefabricated tunnel inserted below a highway over a weekend in Rijkswaterstaat, Netherlands.  Other videos feature pickup truck comparisons, a dump truck pull, transport of a 518,000-pound tree (how did they weigh that anyway?), a zip-lining bulldozer, an underwater bulldozer and more. Read more






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