VOLUME 6   ISSUE 4   JANUARY 27, 2017


While the root cause of delays may vary, disputes invariably arise as to the excusability, compensability and duration of the resulting time impact.  If a delay is due to contractor-caused problems, it may result in costly liquidated damages. If the owner is responsible, the contractor may be entitled to a mix of direct, overhead and impact costs.  On larger projects, thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars per day may be at stake.  


Traditionally, concurrent delays by the owner and contractor result in non-compensable time extensions.  A recent dialogue on an AACE forum presented a situation where a time extension was granted for an owner-caused delay but an act of God subsequently occurred during the period.  This brought up several points of discussion. Read more.


This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:

  • In This Expansion Construction Market, Why Isn't Your Business Growing

  • 5 Steps for Building a Construction Business Website

  • 4 Recent Changes to the Construction Industry



Everyone needs a challenge. So there has been a wave of events to show off some excavator operation skills. The events took place in different countries including one in Canada last August. Take a look at impressive things these operators can do.






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