VOLUME 6   ISSUE 6   FEBRUARY 10, 2017


Last week’s article on “Pay-if-Paid” clauses was one of our most-read construction law articles in recent weeks. Thirteen readers weighed in with their responses, from a simple “Read and understand your contract” to a couple of 200+ word commentaries. In short, from the general contractor’s perspectives, GC’s feel they are not banks on hand to finance the project, and if the owner doesn’t pay them, they shouldn’t pay the contractor. Subcontractors, on the other hand, often are the ones taking the most risk and have the most out-of-pocket expenditures. Read more.


This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • Government’s Far-Fetched Application of the FAR Denied by the Board of Contract Appeals

  • PCL Construction Develops and Freely Shares Project Delivery Software

  • New Details on Apple Spaceship Campus

  • Vote for Your Favorite Construction Blog



This clever contractor uses a Bobcat with breaker attachment to not only cut up a concrete slab, but with no additional special tools, pick up the slab pieces and load them in a special dump truck.  This sure beats the old days of a worker with a jackhammer cutting the slab by hand, later breaking it up into smaller pieces, and then using a loader to move the broken pieces.  Read more.








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