VOLUME 6   ISSUE 24   JUNE 16, 2017


By Bruce Jervis


A settlement agreement, as most contracts, can be crafted narrowly to apply to very specific matters. Or, it may be a broad, comprehensive resolution of all disputed matters. Either way, an essential element of a settlement agreement is a waiver and release of claims. Read more.


 This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • How Can Construction Companies Stay on Schedule?
  • 7 Construction/Engineering Companies Ranked on Fortune 500 List
  • U.K. Construction Firm Bans Workers from Having Beards

Read more.


A recent Construction Junkie blog posting reported that a bomb from World War II was found at a construction project in Birmingham, West Minster. While bombs have been found buried at other sites, this bomb had to be detonated. Watch this video.








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