VOLUME 6   ISSUE 29   JULY 21, 2017


By: Robert D. Chesler and Allen R. Wolff, Anderson Kill P.C.


A New York appeals court has narrowed the conditions under which a party named as an additional insured can access the policyholder's policy for liability coverage. Businesses that make use of additional insured coverage -- as parties to construction projects generally do -- should take note. Read more.


This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • Are High-rise Timber Buildings the Wave of the Future?
  • Caterpillar Invests $2M in Fastbrick Robotics
  • Help Is Coming to Women and Minority-Owned Construction Businesses in New York
  • Interview with College Student Promoting Women in Construction

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Kite Bricks is introducing a new product that will change the way buildings are being built. According to Smart Brick’s website, the bricks offer high thermal control, full passage of pipes, wires, cables and the like, finishes for both indoors and outdoors, extraordinary strength, ease of construction, safety of materials and total application throughout a structure.







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