VOLUME 6   ISSUE 31   AUGUST 04, 2017


Despite all the best efforts, claims and disputes are likely to arise on your projects. This article provides keys to help you avoid claims during the dispute phase which starts during and overlaps with the construction phase.


You'll learn about how negotiation teams, decision ladders and dispute resolution boards can help keep you out of court. Read more.


This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • Wearables for Construction Safety
  • The Trend Towards Building Offsite
  • The Future of Offsite Construction

Read more.


St. Luke’s Health System in Boise, Idaho paid roughly $300,000 to relocate a 98-foot tall, 105-year-old sequoia tree to make room for a building expansion. It took about 10 hours for crews to move the 800-pound tree to its new location a few blocks away.








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