VOLUME 6   ISSUE 33   AUGUST 18, 2017


By Paul Levin, PSP


In the typical construction project, the general contractor (GC) is committed to submitting a baseline schedule to the owner for approval. Because of the requirement for the baseline to be submitted prior to or within 30 days of the notice to proceed, the submitted baseline will contain either sufficient detail (if the contractor can get away with it) or be put together based upon how the GC’s project manager envisions the way the job will play out. Savvy GCs will reach out early on and ask their major subs for input before they submit the baseline, but this doesn’t happen often. It’s time for subcontractors to be more proactive in being involved in schedule development. Surprisingly, everyone wins when they do. Read more.


 This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • Best States for Construction Worker Salaries
  • Improving Your Organization’s Safety Culture
  • Are Safety Helmets the New Hard Hats?

Read more.


 Check out this video published by The B1M to see how robots can tie rebar.






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