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Volume: 6, Issue: 17 - 04/28/2017


Many state court rules call for a losing party to pay the winning party’s attorney fees and other costs if the loser asserted its claim in bad faith or without substantial justification. A recent decision of Maryland’s highest court avoided the improper imposition of this severe sanction on a construction contractor. Read more.


This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • Trump Overturns Obama-passed OSHA Recordkeeping Rule
  • Trump Executive Order Seeks to Enforce Buy-American Act
  • Tiny Homes May Be a Good Option for a Lot of People
  • Social Media Trends & Tips for Usage


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A ground breaking took place this week for the new luxury hotel that will go up at the Johnson Controls Pro Football Hall of Fame Village in Canton, OH. The 243-room, 345,000-square-foot hotel is scheduled to open in 2019. Read more.




Share ideas and meet new friends at the Project Management College of Scheduling (PMCOS) 2nd Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA – May 7-10. The conference will feature lectures and panel discussions on scheduling topics, including best practices, risk and claims.  Read more.

Volume: 6, Issue: 16 - 04/21/2017


Every young student comes across those four words, either from being assigned John Steinbeck’s novel or – for the diehard English student – from reading Robert Burns’ poem “To a Mouse,” in which he reflects on the dire consequence of his having turned up a field mouse’s nest with his plough. “The best laid plans of mice and men,” often go awry.


Enter the construction contract (I know you were wondering where this was going). Everyone on the planet knows that construction projects are not static and that even modest projects undergo changes throughout the building phase. The consequences of changes can be dramatic, and most construction contracts lay out plans for the administration of changes and the negotiation and documentation of the terms of change orders with respect to the three important attributes of construction: time, money, and the details of work itself. A sufficiently robust change order clause represents the “best laid plans” for dealing with change orders. And as we have learned from Burns’ poor mouse, these plans often go awry. Read more


 This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • Top 10 Construction Tech Trends of 2017; And It Doesn't Include Drones
  • Top 46 BIM Resources
  • The Importance of Social Media Policy for Construction Firms

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Claimed to be the largest private development in the U.S. - $20 Billion - and creating 23,000 construction jobs, the Hudson Yards project in New York City is well under way.  Check out this timelapse and other videos of the project.  Read more


Volume: 6, Issue: 15 - 04/14/2017


By Bruce Jervis


General or prime contractors have always been enamored with indemnification clauses. Place one in every subcontract and if there is any injury on the project the subs will ultimately be liable. The prime contractor will be exonerated even if it shared responsibility for a safety hazard. Read more.


 This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • Construction Marketing: Insight on Publicity – Free and Paid
  • Private Group Wants to Finance VA Hospital – With 80% Cost Savings
  • Fair and Open Competition Act

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Featured here in December 2015 (Vol. 4 - Issue 48) as one of the top 5 videos of 2015, we learned that 4D modeling played an essential role in the success of the new Vikings stadium - bringing it in ahead of schedule and under budget.  Check out the model in this short 1-minute video.  


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