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Volume: 6, Issue: 14 - 04/07/2017


This article started out as a review of a schedule specification clause in a recently updated standard form document.  In the process of getting comments on the form from the author’s local contacts, I received instead a range of comments on the use, or non-use, of schedules, and blaming specs for being either too detailed or non-existent.  As a reader of ConstructionPro Week, you may have noticed we often advocate for active use of schedules on construction projects.  Larger and more complex projects can benefit from the use of critical path method (CPM) scheduling software.


This past December, the ConsensusDocs coalition announced updates to more than a dozen of its standard form contracts, some released this past December and others in early 2017 (see ConstructionPro Week Vol. 5 – Issue 48, 12/16/2017).  ConsensusDocs® 200, Standard Agreement and General Conditions Between Owner and Constructor received an important update to the project schedule clause.  Article 6.2, Schedule of the Work, now requires the use of critical path method (CPM) scheduling concepts, including “…  (a) a graphical representation of all activities and events, including float values that will affect the critical path of the Work, and (b) identifies dates that are critical to ensure the timely and orderly completion of the Work.”  Read more.


 This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • TBM Bertha Completes 1.7-Mile Tunnel Bore in Seattle
  • 5 Unusual Skyscrapers of the Future
  • 8 Points to Consider When Obtaining an Access Easement

Read more.


The Big Bertha saga on the Seattle Viaduct Replacement project has come to an end as the tunnel boring machine broke through the final three feet into the disassembly area. Read more.


Volume: 6, Issue: 13 - 03/31/2017


By Bruce Jervis


It’s a common standoff when there is a final payment and close-out for construction work. It occurs between owner and contractor as well as contractor and subcontractor. The payer doesn’t want to pay until it has received a waiver and release. The payee doesn’t want to waive its rights until it has received payment. There must be ways to handle this situation without a face-to-face “closing.” In some states, the mechanic’s lien statutes expressly address the issue. Read more.


 This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • BIM Implementation Guidance
  • 8 Tips to Double Your Net Profits
  • Smart Cities - Construction and Connectivity

Read more.


Covered previously here in ConstructionPro Week (Nov. 2015 and Oct. 2016), the Mercedes-Benz stadium is taking its final shape in preparation for completion this summer.  Read more.


Volume: 6, Issue: 12 - 03/24/2017


by Neil Opfer


ConExpo 2017, held March 7-11, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the largest construction-oriented event in the United States with 130,000 in attendance.  The event covered 2.8 million square feet of both indoor and outdoor exhibit space.  This event is so costly for manufacturers to move in and move out their equipment displays that it is only held once every three years here in the U.S.  Conversations with a number of contractors found many in a buying mode given the current U.S. emphasis on the political front with the anticipation of increased infrastructure spending.


So what was new and interesting?  Numerous manufacturers are engaged in line extensions with new entries of both largest-size equipment and smallest-size equipment.  Read more.



 This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • France Unveils First Solar Panel Road
  • Seller-Doers Leading the A/E/C Industry to New Levels of Marketing
  • How People Look at Buildings - The Devil is in the Details

Read more.


The Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) of the English Premier Soccer League has a new stadium under construction.  The 61,000-seat stadium, set to be complete for the 2018-2019 season, will also be hosting two National Football League (NFL) games per year, featuring tailgate parties and American food.  Read more.


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