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How to Win Defective Documents, Conflicts & Omissions and Ambiguities Every Time

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How to Win Defective Documents, Conflicts & Omissions and Ambiguities Every Time
Presented by:
Anwar Hafeez, President
SDC & Associates, Inc.

Defective plans and specifications can cause the contractor to perform extra work to correct the defect, delay the contractor while the owner determines how to correct the defect or disrupt the contractor’s work by forcing the contractor to re-sequence its work to avoid the affected area. The contractor will be able to recover its increased costs as a result of these problems.

This recorded webinar will provide effective project management techniques to prevent, minimize and/or win change orders and claims while developing the procedures and techniques required to properly identify, prepare, evaluate, negotiate and get paid for valid change orders and claims and not pay the invalid change orders and claims.

This program will cover the parties’ rights on defective documents, review ambiguities, and help you understand the difference between a conflict and an omission. You will learn valuable techniques and insight to help increase the profits and protect the bottom line for successful merit determination and change order/claim negotiations.

Listen to this information-packed program designed to help you:

  • Analyze the contractor’s rights on defective documents and find out what constitutes defective documents and learn how to win every time
  • Become familiar with the Spearin Doctrine
  • Understand the difference between a conflict and an omission and the procedure to win when this problem is encountered in contract documents
  • Discover what the “Most Stringent” requirement means in contracts
  • Learn the difference between Latent and Patent Ambiguities, find out which you are responsible for and identify the procedures to win ambiguities in contract documents
  • Examine the sources of change orders and claims and how to prevent problems
Who Will Benefit?

Construction owners, construction managers, project managers, foremen/superintendents, general contractors or subcontractors who want to win change order claims every time!

This event features key insights from our knowledgeable construction expert:

Anwar Hafeez is a nationally known and respected engineer and construction project manager, who has personally supervised over $1.4 billion of major construction projects and has settled over $350 million in Change Orders and Claims in over 45 years. His most notable projects include the San Diego Convention Center, Los Angeles Central Library, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Expansion for the 1984 Olympics, Washington DC Subway System (WMATA), Radisson Flagship Hotel in Manhattan Beach, CA, Armed Forces Medical University in Bethesda, MD, and Walter Reed Army Hospital Barracks.

For most of his career he has served as the “man in charge” of building projects, overall project budgets, CPM schedules, subcontractor supervision and claims and change order resolution. In over 45 years, Mr. Hafeez has settled over $350 million in construction claims and change orders, offering a unique depth of experience in construction claims and dispute resolution. Click here to view full bio.

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