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Drones in Construction - 2015 Survey Report

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Leading uses of drones according to the 2015 survey stayed close to those of 2014. But the 2015 survey gathered more detail on how drones were used, what drones were flown, what cameras were used and to learn best practices based on user experiences.


Drones have proven themselves to be a useful tool on construction sites. 100% of those surveyed that have actually used a drone on a project have reported it to be a success and are very satisfied with both the experience of using a drone and results provided.


The primary reason restricting more widespread use is the current FAA regulations on commercial use, which allows operation only after receiving a written exemption after meeting certain safety and operational requirements, such as having an active pilots license. Regardless, benefits abound and many users are deploying drones despite the risks.


The attached report provides details for current use of drones on construction sites, its advantages, issues, practicality and rules.

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