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Pricing Design Deficiency Claims

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Pricing Design Deficiency Claims: Keys to Success


Presented by:
Peter Vosbikian, GREYHAWK


Preparing a successful design calls for a unique combination of scientific and technical expertise, and accomplishing it in a perfect manner is difficult, if not impossible. As such, it is common for construction projects to experience changes to the work resulting from professional design deficiencies. The liability for such claims resulting from design deficiencies generally is aimed against the designer on the basis that it failed to satisfy its contractual obligation to provide a design that met the expectations and requirements of the owner. This presentation provides some valuable insight into and considerations on pricing and apportioning the costs associated with design defects, as well as addressing sample contract provisions and reviewing examples of how to calculate an assessment against an A/E.

Attend this information-packed, 90-minute webinar to:

  • Identify design defects
  • Evaluate who is responsible for paying for the change
  • Review considerations for calculating the assessment against the designer
  • Become conversant on contract language addressing design defects
  • Learn about industry publications on design defects
  • Implement sample calculations for determining design defect assessments
  • And much, much more! 


About the Presenter:


Peter Vosbikian is a shareholder and managing consultant with GREYHAWK. He is a qualified trial expert in schedule delay analysis and damages. Mr. Vosbikian has more than 20 years of experience in construction, civil engineering, and construction program management, specializing in construction dispute and claims resolution, construction advisory and claims avoidance, CPM scheduling and delay analysis, cost analysis, loss-of-productivity analysis, and litigation support services. He has provided and managed construction claims services on commercial buildings, infrastructure projects, government facilities, and industrial plants, including stadiums, sports arenas, airports, process and power plants, wastewater treatment facilities, hotels, correctional facilities, residential and apartment complexes, landfills, highways, bridges, schools, care facilities, courthouses, and prisons. 

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