VOLUME 6   ISSUE 20   MAY 19, 2017


Technological progress is advancing at rapid speed bringing new technology that will allow constructors to increase productivity, cut costs and possibly even help in dispute mitigation should contractors, owners, designers, project managers and engineers agree to adopt it.


Let’s review the latest technology entering the industry from the standpoint of construction claims. Read more.  


The intended purpose of a construction schedule is to assist with proper planning, coordination and managing of a project. Unfortunately, construction schedules are often used to help build claims against project owners. Read more.


This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:

  • 12 Tips to Grow Your Construction Business

  • New Texas Rangers Stadium


Read more.


Atlanta’s traffic is always problematic, but consider how much worse it was when a bridge of a major highway recently caught fire which forced 243,000 people to find alternate routes for several months. Read more




From Previous Issues:
Volume: 6, Issue: 19 - 05/12/2017


Government agencies at all levels are fond of publishing guides and manuals pertaining to construction materials and methods. They are usually detailed and precise. And, they are available, primarily online, to anyone with an interest. Read more


This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • Partially Blinded Construction Worker Awarded $2 Million
  • U.S. No Longer Included in World’s List of Top 5 Tallest Buildings
  • Contractor Loses Termination Case Against Government

Read more


The Salesforce Tower, near completion, rises 61 stories over the city’s Financial District, making it the tallest building west of Chicago that’s capable of being occupied. Click to learn more


Volume: 6, Issue: 18 - 05/05/2017


By Paul Levin


In a recent case in the state of Washington, the judge voided, as a matter of law, a $425,388 jury award to a subcontractor who computed his own lost productivity costs using the measured mile. Meanwhile, in another case where a contractor computed his own lost profit costs, the court allowed the method of calculation. What’s the difference? Read more.


This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • Daily Job Reports
  • Construction Spending at Record Levels
  • Best Inexpensive Tablets for the Construction Industry

Read more


MIT Media Lab introduces a new digital construction platform (DCP) that is a “robot arm that uses additive construction techniques to build large structures safely and quickly. Read more


Volume: 6, Issue: 17 - 04/28/2017


Many state court rules call for a losing party to pay the winning party’s attorney fees and other costs if the loser asserted its claim in bad faith or without substantial justification. A recent decision of Maryland’s highest court avoided the improper imposition of this severe sanction on a construction contractor. Read more.


This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


  • Trump Overturns Obama-passed OSHA Recordkeeping Rule
  • Trump Executive Order Seeks to Enforce Buy-American Act
  • Tiny Homes May Be a Good Option for a Lot of People
  • Social Media Trends & Tips for Usage


Read more.


A ground breaking took place this week for the new luxury hotel that will go up at the Johnson Controls Pro Football Hall of Fame Village in Canton, OH. The 243-room, 345,000-square-foot hotel is scheduled to open in 2019. Read more.




Share ideas and meet new friends at the Project Management College of Scheduling (PMCOS) 2nd Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA – May 7-10. The conference will feature lectures and panel discussions on scheduling topics, including best practices, risk and claims.  Read more.

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