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The Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBIE) is an emerging worldwide standard for capturing equipment lists, data sheets, warranties, spare parts list and preventive maintenance schedules.

Within the United States COBIE is now included in government and private construction contracts.

In this webinar by the inventor of COBIE, Bill East, you will learn how to unlock the data in current document-based submittals.


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Subcontractors, like general contractors, are frequently impacted by events and actions beyond their control. This information-packed, 90-minute webinar will examine the issues concerning subcontractor delay claims.

This webinar will help you identify the causes for typical subcontractor delays, learn contractual issue regarding subcontractor claims, understand how best to pass subcontractor claims through to the owner and much more.

Register today to understand the myriad challenges subcontractors face when attempting to assert and win a delay claim to ensure your organization gets paid appropriately for work completed.


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When a contractor seeks recovery for extra costs and is not achieving a negotiated settlement on a claim or change order, application for recovery can be made against bonds or liens.

This may be in place of, or in addition to, other courses of administrative appeals, alternate dispute resolution or litigation.

Attorney Rebecca Glos explains what bonds and liens are, how they work and what contractors, owners and suppliers need to know to successfully execute them.


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Job contracts and RFPs increasingly require one or more LEED professionals on the project team to qualify for work. A growing number of companies favor job applicants who hold the LEED AP credential over those who do not. In addition, the number of green building incentives and requirements across all levels of government is rising dramatically. Are you ready? Join expert instructors Beth Shuck and Richard Manning from Green Building Services Inc. as they guide you through the steps that will help you prepare for the new version 4 Green Associate exam.


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This 90-minute webinar will provide you with the information you need to understand the specific requirements of the Davis-Bacon Act, when it applies, and the process necessary to ensure compliance and avoid enforcement actions and potential penalties.

Failure to comply with the Davis-Bacon Act can have dire consequences, including debarment and the loss of a major source of business, in addition to the exposure to substantial damages and attorneys’ fees.

This webinar will enable you to ensure you are satisfying the Davis-Bacon Act when competing for and performing federal public works and construction contracts.


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We invite you to join our industry experts on construction project management for this 3-part series to learn how to create a productive work environment for your project team, create and use a transparent schedule management plan and prevent disputes with properly administered contracts.

Learn best practices for the three essential components: collaboration, a workable schedule and proper contract administration that are required for successful construction projects.

It will be shown how effective communications and documentation can increase the likelihood of resolving issues in a timely manner and without resort to the claims or litigation process. Real-life examples of both effective and not-so-effective communications will be presented.

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