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September, 2017 -- May, 2018 
30 Expert Instructors 


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Successful construction claims and change-order management is 25% legal, 25% contractual, 25% factual and 25% the personal knowledge and experience of the parties. The Essential Course on Successful Management of Claims and Changes Orders puts you on the path to balancing the many balls required to avoid costly claims and to enjoy successful projects.


Construction Owners, A/Es, Contractors, Construction Managers, Contract Administrators and Owner Representatives should attend this information-packed training program to help them perform their jobs better.


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Time is money and there are real costs to every member of the project team associated with delay. For contractors and subcontractors, delays mean higher overheads, higher labor costs, higher equipment costs, and higher material costs.

For public agencies, private developers, and other owners, delays mean higher administrative costs and real impacts to the economic viability of the project. In order to be reimbursed for these costs, you have to show that the other party to the contract delayed you.

Attend this informative webinar to learn how to perform the analysis of project delays required to establish the cause and duration of the critical delays you experienced.


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Are you flying a drone without a pilot’s license?

Laugh if you will, but the Federal Aviation Administration adopted rules recently to regulate the commercial operation of drones.

For better or worse, operating a drone is legally considered operating an aircraft in U.S. airspace, with all the attendant regulatory burdens and legal risks. In this informative 90-minute webinar program, Scott Shea and Katherine Dawson Varholak of Sherman & Howard L.L.C. will present an overview of the operation and regulation of commercial drone operation


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Differing site conditions are frequent sources of dispute between owners and contractors. Many contractors proceed with work under changed conditions with the misconception that conditions at the site, which they neither expected nor included in their bid, automatically constitute extras and should be addressed as such.

Unfortunately, this assumption can lead to costly disputes between the parties of a construction project.

This presentation will discuss the various scenarios involving differing site condition claims, and how the construction industry deals with those claims, both via contract and in the courts.


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When a construction project is only 30% complete in 70% of the contract time, substantial cost overruns are looming, and battle lines have formed over proposed changes, the owner and contractor start wondering whether the best solution is to terminate the prime contract, find someone else to complete construction, and let the termination chips fall where they may.

Yet anyone who has been through a “default” termination understands that it is the nuclear war of construction disputes, and even a termination for convenience may only be accomplished at great expense and with risks of its own.

In this informative 90-minute webinar program, Stephen A. Hess of Sherman & Howard, LLC will present an overview of the rights and responsibilities of the parties in the face of seriously troubled projects, and will walk participants through the legal, economic, and practical considerations that affect any termination decision.

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