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Claims (requests for additional time or money under the provisions of the contract) do not have to result in disputes. Disputes arise when contractors and owners cannot resolve claims by negotiation and turn unresolved issues over to attorneys to resolve them in the legal arena.

This webinar is designed to show owners and their representatives how disputes can be avoided at the end of the project through upfront dispute resolution planning during the design, bidding and construction phases of a project.

The webinar discusses four types of reviews that should be applied to contract documents; the need for a comprehensive scheduling specification and payment for changes article; how to reduce claims based on large numbers of RFIs and much more.


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You are invited to attend an exclusive 4-part series to help you understand the different types of differing site conditions, identify what protections you can put in place to deal with changed work, how to manage poorly drafted, ambiguous or conflicting plans and specifications and what your various rights and remedies might be to recover all costs and time related to the changes.

Sign up for this series now at one low price to help your project team incorporate change management as an integral part of contract administration procedures, including timely resolution and recovery. Check out the sessions below presented by leading construction attorneys.


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Differing site conditions are frequent sources of dispute between owners and contractors. Many contractors proceed with work under changed conditions with the misconception that conditions at the site, which they neither expected nor included in their bid, automatically constitute extras and should be addressed as such.

Unfortunately, this assumption can lead to costly disputes between the parties of a construction project.

This presentation will discuss the various scenarios involving differing site condition claims, and how the construction industry deals with those claims, both via contract and in the courts.


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The intended purpose of construction scheduling is to assist with proper planning and coordination of a project. Unfortunately, construction schedules are often used to help build claims against project owners. Much of the process of building claims through the use of schedules involves schedule gamesmanship.

This exclusive three-part webinar identifies more than 15 scheduling games and offers more than 45 suggested defenses to help prevent schedule gamesmanship. Some suggested defenses involve changes to contract document language and thus need to be implemented during the design phase. Other suggested defenses are pragmatic in nature and can be implemented on a daily basis by a knowledgeable construction management team even in the absence of specification language.


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Change orders are an integral part of every construction project, and when they are negotiated, drafted and executed as planned, they present no troubling legal problems.

In this informative 90-minute webinar program, Stephen A. Hess of Sherman & Howard, LLC will present an overview of the rights and responsibilities of the parties with respect to noncomplying change orders -- changes in work that are accomplished without detailed attention to contractual procedures.

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